TB-120 Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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Automatic Bottle Unscrambler – > Automatic capsule tablet counting & filling machine -> Automatic Capping machine -> Automatic sealing machine -> Automatic labeling machine -> Automatic storage machine



Semi automatic bottle Unscrambler – > Automatic capsule tablet counting & filling machine -> Automatic Capping machine -> Automatic sealing machine



TB-120 Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine


This round bottle labeling machine is high speed one that developed for the high speed counting and bottling line. With the function such as bottle photoelectric detection, equidistant bottle splitting, automatic label feeding, label positioning, equidistant labeling, flat labeling, lamination, contour, fast speed, and stable operation.It is the ideal machine for counting and bottling line, meeting the GMP requirements.

  1. Intelligent connection, strong compatibility. It can be randomly and intelligently connected with customers’ front and rear production equipment, without the need for professional care, greatly saving labor costs.
  2. It is suitable for various specification round plastic and glass bottles.
  3. Pre-feeding label system makes the label feed stable, smoothly and positioning accurately.
  4. Adapt tensioning design to ensure that the coding quality, accurately control the length and uniformity of the label.
  5. High intelligence, with the function of bottle photoelectric detection, equidistant bottle dividing, automatic label feeding, label positioning. Automatically stop when the bottle is not in place.
  6. Strong versatility and low cost of use. For different sizes of bottles, different rolling label paper structure methods are used to ensure the quality of labeling.
  7. The machine adapt SS304 stainless steel, it also can be customized into SS316 according to customer’s requirements.
  8. The main electric component adapt Siemems brand, higher control precision and longer service life.
  9. Panasonic detection photoelectric eye which has advantage of high dust resistance and higher detection accuracy.
Model TB-120
Production Capacity 10-16m/min
Applicable Bottle Round shape
Size of Bottle Diameter 20-110mm  Height 30-200mm
Label size Height 20-120mm   Length 20-300mm
Max.Label Roll size Dia.380mm   Inside dia. 76mm
Type of Label Full circle and half circle
Power Supply 220/380V   50/60 HZ
Power 0.5kw
Weight 250kg
Outline dim. 1750*950*1380mm


Item Manufacturer
Photoelectric eye for inducing bottle Panasonic
Motor TQG
Main control board Siemens
Touch screen Siemens
Fiber Optic Sensor AUTONICS
Gap photocell SICK
Leakage Protection Schneider
Switch button Schneider


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