Fully Automatic Custom-Made Shoe Pad Foot Pad Automatic Cartoning Machine

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Fully Automatic Custom-Made Shoe Pad Foot Pad Automatic Cartoning MachineCustomzied cartoning machine is suitable for all kinds of productFully Automatic Custom-Made Shoe Pad Foot Pad Automatic Cartoning MachineMain performance and structural characteristics:
1. It adopts automatic feeding, unpacking, feeding, sealing and output. And other packaging forms, the structure is compact and reasonable, and the operation and adjustment are simple;
2. Servo / stepping motor, touch screen and PLC programmable control system are adopted to make the display operation of the man-machine interface clearer and more convenient, with high degree of automation and more humane;
3. The photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system is adopted, and there is no product without suction box, which saves the packaging materials to the maximum;
4. Large range of packaging, easy adjustment, fast conversion between various specifications and sizes;
5. It is not necessary to change the mold to change the specifications, only adjustment is needed;
6. When there is no product or the product is not in place, the machine will idle without pushing the product. When the product is restored to supply, it will automatically run. When the product is in the box, it will automatically stop and the main drive motor overload protection device.
7. Automatic display of packing speed and counting:
8. According to customer requirements, a flip-up safety cover is adopted for easy operation and beautiful appearance.
9, can be linked with aluminum-plastic packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, three-dimensional packaging machine, bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, online weighing instrument, other production lines and other equipment to achieve linked production;
10. Can design various automatic feeders and cartoning systems according to the requirements of packaging materials;
11. According to customer requirements, the hot melt adhesive machine can be equipped with hot melt adhesive spray glue sealing box.


Technical parameter:

Item Parameter Note
Material type    
Cartoning speed 30-100 Box/minute  
Paper box requirement Paper quality 250-400g/m2 Requires flat surface and can be absorbed
Size range L(50-250) x W(25X150) x K(15-70)  (LxWxH)
Compressed air Pressure ≥0.6MPa  
Air consumption 20m3/h  
Power 220V-380V   50Hz  
Main motor 1.5kw  
Overall dimension LXWXH 3500X1500X1800mm Machine dimension
Net weight 1300kg  


Machine details:

carton mc

Configuration list

SN Name Model & Speciation Original Qty
1 PLC CPIE-N30SIDT-D Japan Omron 1
2 PLC Expansion Module CPIW-C1F11 Japan Omron 1
3 Encoders E6B2-CWZ6C    Japan Omron 1
4 Touch screen NB7W-TWOOB Japan Omron 1
5 Frequency inverter 3G3JZ-A4015 Japan Omron 1
6 Light-eyed E3ZG-D61-S Japan Omron 1
7 Motor CH-1500-10S 1.5KW Zhejiang China 1
8 Indexing box 0S83-4L-180 Zhejiang China 1
9 Buttons XB2 Schneider (Germany) 3
10 Emergency stop ZB2 BC4D Schneider (Germany) 1
11 Intermediate relay LY2M 24V Japan Omron 5
12 AC contactor 1810 Schneider (Germany) 1
13 Proximity switch LJ12A3-4-Z1BX Shanghai, China 2
14 Casing 304 SUS Shanghai, China 1 Set
15 Air switch 3P32A Schneider (Germany) 1
16 Switching Power Supplies PMC-24V050W1AA Delta (Taiwan) 1



Fully Automatic Custom-Made Shoe Pad Foot Pad Automatic Cartoning Machine

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Fully Automatic Custom-Made Shoe Pad Foot Pad Automatic Cartoning Machine


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