Automatic vertical cartoning machine for dishwasher tablet geschirr-reiniger tabs

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Vertical cartoning machine packaging line


Main features.
1. realize automatic box opening, box entering, box sealing and other action functions, compact and reasonable structure, simple operation and adjustment.
2. Adopt touch screen, PLC programmable control system, human-machine interface shows clearer and easier operation, high degree of automation and more humanized.
3. Adopting photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system, empty boxes are not discharged, which saves packing materials to the maximum extent.
4. Adopt the main drive motor overload protection device, apply more safe and reliable.
5. Adopt door type fully sealed safety cover, easy to operate and beautiful appearance.
6. Adopt with power to lengthen the box bin, can store more cartons, lower the paper add carton frequency, reduce the work intensity.
7. The whole is surrounded by stainless steel 304, simple and bright, easy to clean and take care of, convenient and hygienic.

Hot metal glue machine (Switzerland Robatech)


“Z” type lifter


10 head 1.6 liter weighing machine

Main performance structure features.
1. Suitable for measuring higher precision bulk products.
2. The control system is modular and adopts 7-inch touch screen, which improves the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine and humanizes the operation.
3. Control weighing sequential discharge function to avoid material blockage.
4. Can adjust the amplitude individually, configured with multinational language operating system.

Item Basic parameter
Number of combined weighing heads 10 heads
Volume of weighing hopper 1600ml
Weighing range 3-6500 gram
Accuracy ±0.3-3 gram
Theoretical maximum speed 120 bag/min.
Preset parameters 99 type
Display 7/10 inch touch screen
Overall power consumption 2 KW
Power supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz
Machine size L*W*H=1040mm*950mm*1415mm
Total weight of machine About 420Kg


Power supply.  Ac220v 50HZ
Total Power 7.5KW
Production capacity 20-25box/min.
Gas consumption 4-5m3/min

Packing samples

新建位图图像 - 副本 - 副本22 新建位图图像 - 副本 - 副本222 新建位图图像 - 副本 - 副本11


Configuration list

SN Product name Brand
1 P L C LS South Korea
2 Servo LS South Korea
3 Touch screen WEINVIEW China Taiwan
4 Detect optical eye Sick Germany
5 Proximity switch LEUZE Germany
6 Switch button Schneider France
7 Suck smc Japan
8 Cylinder smc Japan
9 The electromagnetic valve smc Japan
10 breaker Schneider France

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