AC-600 Chain Plate Automatic Battery Blister Card Packaging Machine

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2091 - 副本AC-600 Chain Plate Automatic Battery Blister Card Packaging Machine

Scope of application.
This machine is suitable for batteries, stationery, food, medical equipment, toys, small hardware, electronics, automobile and motorcycle parts, daily necessities, cosmetics, and other paper plastic or card packaging, such as syringes, toy cars, scissors, flashlights, batteries, spark plugs, lipstick, coat hooks, cleaning balls, razors, correction fluid, pencils, etc.
Equipment process flow:Main performance and structural features.

This equipment is our scientific researchers and senior technicians after continuous improvement and innovation independently developed a new generation of intelligent plastic suction card packaging equipment, using human-machine interface, PLC intelligent control program, solid-state encoder, support touch-screen operation, automatic counting, adjustable travel speed, accurate and convenient, friction wheel reducer mechanical stepless speed adjustment, machine operation is stable, can be applied to a variety of different sizes of paper and plastic packaging and double PVC suction card products, convenient operation, durable, clean and hygienic, and equipped with safety emergency stop device can ensure the production of emergency measures to increase the operating safety factor, is currently the most intelligent packaging equipment.

1: Mechanical drive, servo motor traction, reasonable structure and simple operation.
2: Stainless steel shell, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, improve the grade of the product.
3: PLC computer control system, frequency control, reduce noise and improve the stability of machine operation.
4: Photoelectric control, automatic detection, improved performance such as operational safety.
5: Integral card feeder to reduce worker labour.
6: Separate design for easy access to the elevator.
7: Design of moulds and automatic feeding according to the shape of the packaged goods; neat wiring, stainless steel body, nickel-plated moulds, machining center processing, beautiful design

Product Specifications

Model: AC-600
Packing material: pvc cardboard (0.15-0.5)×480mm, paperboard 200g-700g, 200×570mm
Compressed air Pressure 0.5-0.8mpa Air consumption ≥0.5/min
Power consumption 380v 50Hz 10kw
Mould cooling water Tap or circulating water energy consumption 50 L/h
Dimensions (L×W×H)5100×1300×1700mm
Weight 2400kg
Production capacity 15-25 strokes/min
Stroke range 50-160mm
Maximum board area 5500X200mm
Maximum forming area and depth 480×160×40mm

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