Coffee capsule packing machine

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It is suitable for Nespresso, K-cups, dolce Guesto, Lavazza coffee capsule etc.

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Coffee capsule packing machine


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Machine Introduction
This coffee capsule packing machine is a new model newly developed by our company. It has a rotating machine, small footprint, fast speed, and stability. It can fill 3000-3600 capsules per hour at the fastest. It can fill a variety of cups, as long as Changing the machine mold can be completed within 30 minutes. Servo control spiral canning, canning accuracy can reach ±0.1g. With the function of diluting, the residual oxygen of the product can reach 5%, which can extend the shelf life of coffee. The whole machine system is mainly based on Schneider, developed by the Internet of Things technology, and can choose a computer/mobile phone to monitor or operate the machine online.

Scope of application

It is suitable for Nespresso, K-cups, dolce Guesto, Lavazza, biodegradable coffee capsule etc.


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Machine technical parameters

Model: HC-RN1C-60
Food materials: ground/coffee, tea, milk powder
Maximum speed: 3600 grains/hour
Voltage: single-phase 220V or can be customized according to customer voltage
Power: 1.5KW
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Air pressure supply: ≥0.6Mpa / 0.1m3 0.8Mpa
Machine weight: 800kg
Machine size: 1300mm×1100mm×2100mm


Electrical configuration

PLC system: Schneider
Touch screen: Fanyi
Inverter: Schneider
Servo motor: Schneider
Circuit breaker: Schneider
Button switch: Schneider
Encoder: Omron
Temperature control instrument: Omron
Everbright sensor: Panasonic
Small relay: Izumi
Solenoid valve: Airtac
Vacuum valve: Airtac
Pneumatic components: Airtac


Company introduction

Ruian Yidao are one of high end coffee capsule filling machine manufacturer in China.

We have been manufacturing packaging machinery last for 10+ years experience.

We provides all kinds of coffee capsule packaging solutions like Dolce Guesto, Nespresso, K cups, Lavazza etc.

Sincerely welcome customer to contact us for more information.

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