Analysis of existing problems in pharmaceutical equipment management and maintenance


(1) equipment selection. There are some problems in the selection of pharmaceutical equipment, such as selection by experience (without actual calculation, or insufficient data calculation), blind pursuit of advancement, and insufficient investigation of physical data, which seriously affect the practicability and economy of the equipment.

(2) equipment installation and training. In the process of pharmaceutical equipment installation, the construction progress is often paid attention to, ignoring the construction quality, which leads to the increase of equipment maintenance costs in the later period. In addition, inadequate training for equipment maintenance and operation personnel also poses risks to pharmaceutical equipment management and maintenance.

(3) insufficient investment in management and maintenance of informatization. Nowadays, although many enterprise attaches great importance to equipment management and maintenance, as well as equipment maintenance records management and record of the basic parameters and done some, but some problems still exist, such as difficult to provide continue maintenance data, the lack of effective pharmaceutical equipment specification information, such as specifications, drawings, etc., this invisible increased the difficulty of the equipment management, maintenance and reconstruction.

(4) management system. Lack of effective management system and methods, resulting in the management of pharmaceutical equipment maintenance personnel is insufficient, maintenance personnel work lack of standardization, pharmaceutical equipment management and maintenance process leaving safety hidden dangers.

Post time: Feb-28-2020